Medical and pharmaceutical translation

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Accuracy and precision

exactitude-2Accuracy and precision

Your documents will be translated with the required accuracy and precision, benefiting fully from my wealth of experience as a translator in then head of a global pharmaceutical company's translation department focused on clinical drug development.

Eminently fit for purpose

reponse-2Your translations will meet or exceed your expectations, being eminently fit for purpose

You can tell me exactly what you want, confident that your instructions will be taken into account: as a freelance professional, I am your direct contact (there are no middlemen). I understand your need and will deliver in a timely fashion.

Fluid, contemporary French

Francais-2Fluid, contemporary French

Your texts will be translated into fluid, contemporary French: as a French native speaker based in France I am naturally aware and can keep track of changes in the French language.

Lower costs

cout-2Lower costs

Your costs are lower as there are no middlemen between you and the translator.

Deadlines and confidentiality

rigueur-2Deadlines and confidentiality

Your deadlines are met and full confidentiality is maintained at all times.